Summer house

In 2016 the Palace Soestdijk opened it’s doors to the wonderful art exhibit BAL! . While the artists were building their installations, I was allowed to explore the architecture, the park and get inspired by it’s history of dutch monarch’s who inhabited the place during 2 centuries past.

In the research I noticed  this picture of the palace’s staff dated around 1900. It looks like a group of hipsters dressed up as the staff of the palace around the turn of the last century. However, it’s the actual employees working in and around the grounds around that time.
paleis soestdijk staff on stairspaleis soestdijk staff lady with camera
A young woman is holding a type of camera that is still available in second hand stores today. I knew now that I wanted to put us, the audience, back in time and look at the palace from this woman’s perspective. In order to do so I would use a similar camera to create the first series of images about the light in around the palace, the forest, the hidden spots in between the curtains. It felt I also needed to show the source of that light. The sun is omnipresent in the second series of images. Solar tracks surround the architecture and make us aware of golden centuries of royal inhabitants in the past. Now the palace is open for the public and people like me can walk the grounds like the staff ones did on a daily base.